About Battlecry Michigan

Tired of Being Used?

Tired of feeling like the Ugly Stepchild of the Republican Party? We work hard to elect Republicans who promise limited government BUT after they're elected, they instantly abandon their campaign promises...They've given us Obamacare, Gas Tax Increases, Corporate Welfare, Bailouts, Pension Tax and 10 BILLION in new taxes in 5 years!

Those in the Elite class of the Republican party are actively working to minimize the social and economic power of the people who put them in office. Enough is enough! Battle Cry will inspire and teach you how we take back our party, one precinct at a time!

Equipped and Prepared for Battle

You will be educated, equipped and motivated to actively change our party.

  • We will identify and expose their tricks and secrets they use against us to silence our voice of opposition.
  • Learn how to win at conventions!
  • Learn how to fight them on social media!
  • Learn WHO they are and what really motivates them!
  • We have a specific battle plan. You will leave knowing EXACTLY what to do.
  • And MUCH MUCH more that we cannot mention here!
  • Want to learn more? Become a trained activist. Sign up for a full day with Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership (FACL) which will be held on Sunday, Feb 4th at Soaring Eagle. Over 45 people stayed and got trained last year! To learn more about this special course visit https://www.faclevents.org/index.php?option=com_vikevents&task=viewevent...

We are Forming ONE Battalion!

We will be providing you with political ammunition needed to load your weapon and fight back. This is not a time for backbiting and separation among our conservative factions. We are a United Battalion that share 85-95% of the same goals and aspirations for our party and nation. They are vulnerable. It's time to strike.

Now it's OUR turn. We are taking our party back. Back to our platform. Back to our Principles and Constitutional values. Back to a Genuine Republican Party we can be proud of again

Don't miss the most exciting conservative gathering and networking of the year! Battle Cry will inspire and teach you how we take back our party, one precinct at a time! Friday night will be great fun and an great opportunity to meet fellow patriots from across the state. Then the work begins as we share lessons learned and equip you to go home and the fight the battles to help make Michigan Great Again. We will show you how to win at your local conventions so we can make a difference at state convention and bring the Republican party back to its conservative roots. Questions can be directed to battlecrymichigan@gmail.com   or phone 616-987-1124