• Posted on: 28 January 2017
  • By: Rosanne
A big thank you to all who attended!   Friday's ball was a hit with tuxedos, formal gowns and tiaras!   The band, Life Support, was great.  The dance floor was crowded and everyone had a good time celebrating President Trump's Inauguration. Saturday started off with "The year in Review" as we were treated to plenty of slides and videos of Trump Mania, and the RNC in Cleveland. Andy Schlafly shared stores about his renouned mother Phyliss, and inspired us to keep fighting for what's right. Shawn Dow's presentation was just a snipet of his full day program on being effective activist.  Thirty people stayed for his all day training on Sunday.   He was such a hit, that we plan on having him back for training this spring/summer.  Stay tuned. There were lots of conservative representatives on hand to share their stories with us; Sen. Pat Colbeck, Reps Gary Glenn, Shane Hernadez and Steve Johnson. Melanie Kurdys gave an update on Common Core and Shane Trajo "connected the dots between Lansing and PAC money".  Both were very well received. There were a few surprises as well! I want to thank the hard working team that made this awesome event come off so smoothly.  Matt and Meshawn Maddock, Marian Sheridan, Bill Rauwerdink, Don Ebben, Shane Trejo, Debi Haas, Tony Sharkey, Patti Bowers, The Blackmers, and Denis Curran. See you next year! Rosanne Ponkowski